Date: 25-Sep-2017

Lakeside Community Centre, Benalla Showgrounds, Benalla, Victoria   
25 to 28 September 2017    

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Note: Field trip preference registration date has passed, so organizers will allocate trip spaces for those who did not register or filled their forms late.

This field symposium is being held in the heartland of Chappell and White’s I- and S-type granites in eastern Australia. It will provide a semi-formal environment for presentations and discussion on granites, their role in crustal evolution and mineralisation, and field trips.


Keynote Speakers




Bill Birch

U distribution in the Lake Boga granite

Museum Victoria

Sandy Cruden

Emplacement of tabular Victorian granites: fracture-fed flow lobes and origin of east-west structure

Monash University

Allen Glazner

What is a pluton? What is magma?

University of North Carolina

Janet Hergt

Isotope geochemistry: heroic failures in understanding granite petrogenesis

Melbourne University

Marc Norman

Ages and Sources of Granite-associated Mo and Sn mineralisation in SE Australia

Australian National University

Peter Pollard

Yichun Ta-Sn-Li granite, an example of extreme chemical fractionation in felsic peraluminous granites







Introductory talks on granites#

Igneous Rocks of the Strathbogie Ranges and NE Victoria#


Field trips

Field Trips


Lecture session – Granites

Lecture session – Economic Geology Including Lithium


Field Trips

Field Trips

Introductory Talks (Monday)

 #Aimed at undergraduate and generalist level




John Clemens

Granites 101

University of Stellenbosch

Ian Williams

Chappell and White Granites

ANU, Canberra

Sandy Cruden

Granite Emplacement

Monash University

Peter Pollard

Differentiated Granites and Mineralisation

Consultant, Brisbane

Allan Rossiter

Geochemistry of Victorian granites

AIG, Ballarat

Neil Phillips

The Strathbogie Granite

University of Melbourne

Bill Birch

Felsic Volcanics of NE Victoria

Museum of Victoria



Julian Vearncombe (SJS Resource Management), Lora Gonzales (, Neil Phillips (University of Melbourne), John Clemens (Uni Stellenbosch), Simon Turner (SGGMP), Allan Rossiter (AIG) and Wayne Spilsbury (AIG).

Call for Papers and Posters

If you wish to submit a paper or poster, please send the name of the senior author, a working title and a paragraph explaining what the paper/poster is about (no need to be scientific or specific) to as soon as possible and definitely before 1st December 2016. There is no limit to the number of posters a person may submit.

Submission of formal abstracts (about four pages) will be by 8th June 2017. Please submit your abstract in Microsoft Word. Ensure that your abstract correctly and fairly references the work of others. Please submit figures as high quality JPEGs separately (not embedded in Word). Tables should be of realistic size, upright and in MS Word. All abstracts will be reviewed by the AIG and edited as necessary. The Abstract volume will be available as a digital file on the AIG website in advance of the event. All abstracts should have references and at least one illustration (commonly a map or graph). For past examples of abstract format see here. (The AIG editors allow a flexibility in style so long as content is relevant.)


• The symposia will include a significant poster component and poster sessions. We especially encourage students and junior company staff to present a poster. There is no limit to the number of posters nor specified submission date.
• All posters will be accompanied by a five-minute oral presentation by the senior author.
• If possible include a small photo of the author on the poster display.
• Posters are for the display of scientific results and should not be used for the promotion of businesses, research groups, government departments, companies or products, that is the role of a Trade Exhibit.
• Please contact the organisers to submit a poster. Please submit a title and author name(s) as soon as possible. All posters/speakers (except keynote) are required to register and pay to attend meetings.
• Poster boards are 1800cm x 1200cm. 

Please Note: All posters/speakers are required to register and pay to attend this meeting.

Field trips

All symposium participants are registered for the two days of field trips. In buses and divided into three or four groups, there will be choice of opportunities visiting I- and S-type granites, associated volcanic rocks, and the younger basalts of the Strathbogie Ranges.

Instructions to speakers

All talks and oral sessions will have a computer projector running PowerPoint. There will be no other projection facilities. Your talk should fairly acknowledge the work of others and supporting organisations. At the same time we discourage (the recent trend towards) the excessive use of partner naming, company or product promotion and colleague referencing.


Sponsorship is $3500 + GST, and sponsors are given a choice of sponsored events on a first come first served basis on receipt of monies. Sponsorship provides the company or organisation with its logo prominent on advertising, promotional materials, the symposium (digital) volume and during the sponsored event. Sponsorship includes entry for one person to the symposium. Sponsors wishing to send more than one person should take up additional personal registrations. Please talk to us about Sponsoring individual events:


The AIG has generously agreed to sponsor to A$500 (incl GST) the registration of the first ten young geologists giving a talk and/or poster. The young geologist must be less than 30 years of age on 25 September 2017, and may be from any country globally. They may be a student, employed or unemployed. They should be a member of the AIG or provide a completed AIG membership application (students free).

Applicants should send an email to with their symposium volume-compliant extended abstract and a specific request for this young presenter allocation.

There is no deadline but the first ten compliant applications received will be awarded. Applicants should be the senior or only author, and they will give either a symposium talk or poster including a 5minute oral "poster" talk.


Delegates to the meeting will have access to trade booths and poster displays, all talks and field trips. There will be sundowners and a symposium bush bar-b-que. Delegates may download a digital copy of the symposia volume prior to the event.



 Abstracts are required from all presenters, both poster and oral auditorium.
 Abstracts will be reviewed by the organizing committee for Transparency, Quality Content and Competence before final acceptance of the paper.
 For all abstracts, please supply a short paragraph on the qualifications, employment and competence of the senior author and presenter. This description paragraph will be printed with the abstract.
 All abstracts should be submitted as soon as possible and definitely before the deadline 1st December 2017 to Submit abstracts and figures with the surname of the presenter as the first word in the file name. Submit your abstract in Microsoft Word. Please submit figures as a JPEG or TIFF separately (not embedded in Word). Tables should be of realistic size, upright and in Word.
 The AIG will produce a digital pdf Abstract Volume. The Volume will be available as a digital file on the AIG website in advance of the event. The volume will also be available on a thumb drive at the meeting. The AIG will not be printing the volume.
 Abstracts should be between 250 and 2,500 words. Ideally, all abstracts include a figure, typically a map or summary diagram. Please ensure that your abstract correctly and fairly references the work of others.
 Abstracts will be desktop published by the AIG - you do not need to format your text for publication. For the style of publication and past abstracts please view any of AIG Bulletins 54 to 57 compiled by Julian Vearncombe and published by the AIG for free download at and www.geosymposia.
 Abstracts and talk should comprise either (or both of) novel science and/or a balanced wide-ranging review of new technologies and future developments. In both abstract and talk, we discourage
the excessive use of partner naming and colleague referencing.
 The presenter will take full responsibility for all abstract and talk content.

Student Bursaries

Several student bursaries will be available courtesy of SGGMP. These will be to discount the registration fee by A$330 and will be awarded on merit. This discount may be applied to either granites2017@benalla or this SGGMP meeting.
To register your interest, please send an email to with SGGMP Student Bursaries as the subject, and give your full name, affiliation, supervisor, project title and proposed presentation title in the body of the email.


Ticket Type

Fee (Incl GST)

Member sponsor organisation


Student, unemployed or retired member of sponsor organisation




Sponsor Organisations: AIG, AusIMM, SGA and SGGMP   Refund Policy: Full refund less $40 or 10% of the registration fee – whichever is larger – will be allowed 30 days prior to the event. If refund is requested 7 days before the event, only 50% of the total registration fee will be returned. No refund will be accommodated subsequently.  New AIG applications should include a photo-scan copy of their signed AIG application with their registration to obtain the AIG discounts.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending, presenting, poster, sponsorship or exhibiting:


The Australia mining industry is known world-wide for their lead role in occupational health and safety. All Symposium participants will be required to comply with health and safety laws, regulations, recommendations and leader requests. Specifically:
• There will be compulsory safety inductions prior to all activities. The Safety Induction will cover: Personal Protective Equipment PPE, safe procedures, mine site / field trip rules, communication and reporting.
• For all activities there will be a designated leader responsible for safety and she/he is your first communication point on any safety issues.
• All safety and health issues should be reported to the responsible person immediately.
• On mine visits and exploration sites delegates will comply fully with the host company safety policy.
• On all mine visits participants are required to wear high-visibility clothing, long sleeved shirts, long trousers, wide brimmed sun hat (or supplied safety hard hat) and steel-toe capped safety boots. Inter-continental visitors only may contact who will arrange the loan or purchase of items. It is recommended that participants wear hats at all times. Sunscreen will be provided on field trips.
• Delegates should in confidence and in advance notify the Symposium organiser of any personal health or other safety factor that may impact on the Symposium, field trip or mine visits.
• All delegates on mine visits and field trips should be “fit for work”.
• All mining and exploration companies have a zero tolerance policy to drugs and alcohol. All host companies on mining and exploration tenements reserve the right to drug and alcohol test anyone or everyone. Anyone under the influence (including a reduced “fitness for work” from prescription drugs) will be immediately removed from the mine and/or excursion and no refund offered.
• The Symposium committee has a zero tolerance policy in relation to any behaviour that is unsafe. Persons deliberately not complying with the law, rules, recommendations or instructions will be immediately removed from the mine, excursion, course or Symposium and no refund offered.
• In the interests of everyone’s health, all symposia events, including courses, mine visits and field-work are strictly no smoking. There is to be no smoking in vehicles. 
• Delegates to the symposium and short courses should wear covered footwear.
• All safety incidents and accidents should be reported as soon as possible, irrespective of how minor they may appear.


symposia VENUE
The Lakeside Community Centre Benalla is a popular place for corporate functions, weddings and sporting events. It can hold up to 300 guests and is located within the Benalla Showgrounds, just across the Benalla Art Gallery. Car access is via the showgrounds entrance off Arundel Street.


The Benalla rural city council area covers close to 2400 square kilometers and is located 180 kilometers north-east of Melbourne. It's population is approximately 13,000 and its industry is mainly manufacturing, retail, health and agriculture. If you need any assistance, you may contact the city's customer service centre here.

Benalla is 200km from Melbourne up the Hume Freeway, 680 km from Sydney, 3-4 hours from Canberra, virtually all on  freeways.
Train is a sensible option, Benalla is on the Melbourne – Sydney line and all trains stop in Benalla.


Delegates will need to organise their own accommodation arrangements. Below is an incomplete list of motels, hotel cabins and camp sites: 
Comfort Inn Benalla
Benalla Rural City has everything to offer the visitor, including the arts and cultural experiences, action packed sports and thrills, and adventures in the natural environment. To know more, visit

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